Spin, Spin, Spin, While the World’s a Grenade with Trump’s Hand on the Pin!

The Second American Revolution is happening now! What are you going to do?

McCain, Obama admit to felonies! 20 years jail!

Our bases on Mars exposed!

California fire by Bush lasers!

Schumer sex skeletons coming soon!

US Presidents pedophile secrets!

AL vote fraud admitted on video!

Senator Corker — murder plot on tape!

Swamp drain by Marines Alpha Bravo!

Who really did Atlanta and Amtrak attacks!

Bush and Obama ruled illegitimate by tribunal!

Trump defies media doubters by signing tax cut bill before Christmas!

CIA agent exposes energy weapon secrets!

Trump re-election odds explode after first-year tax cuts!

Globalists fear 2018 the year of “Full Trump!”

Seth Rich murder reopened! Soros dead!?!

Sadly, someone will believe this is true.