The Summer of Thugs

Speaking to Boy Scouts, Trump attacks media and demands Obamacare repeal.

Boy Scouts chief expected a fiery Trump speech.

Trump speaks to advisers about firing Sessions.

Jeff Sessions says Trump’s comments are “Kind Of Hurtful,” praises him anyway.

Trump voters, Republicans overall actually don’t care if the President shoots someone on Fifth Avenue.

North Korea launches intercontinental ballistic missile toward Japan for second time this month.

US admiral stands ready to obey a Trump nuclear strike order.

Trump: “Let Obamacare fail…I’m not going to own it.”

Couple jump to their deaths because they “can’t afford health care.”

Bros who tortured shark have a history of abusing wildlife.

Bull commits suicide after men light its horns on fire.

Border agency set to jumpstart Trump’s wall in a Texas wildlife refuge.

GOP Obamacare repeal fails in dramatic late-night vote.

Trump rages at Republicans as John McCain kills Obamacare repeal bill.

Trump encourages Senate to change rules after health care defeat.

A fifteen year old girl was raped by two attackers, including the man she asked for help.

Man says he killed wife aboard cruise ship because “she couldn’t stop laughing at me.”

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s health care vote draws White House ire.

After rejecting health care plan, Senator Murkowski faces retaliation.

Trump administration reportedly threatens Alaska over senator’s health care vote.

Kathy Griffin cleared in investigation over Donald Trump beheading photo.

Trump Administration “may be investigated” after threatening the whole of Alaska.

Anthony Scaramucci accuses Steve Bannon of self fellatio in wild interview.

Anthony Scaramucci blames media for obscene White House rant.

Scaramucci on leaks: “I’m going to fire everybody.”

Anthony Scaramucci’s wife has reportedly filed for divorce.

You can predict how many blacks are killed by police by measuring the racism of whites, research finds.

In gang-plagued New York town, some are wary of Trump visit.

Trump plays up gang threat, urges rough policing.

Trump appears to advocate rough police treatment of suspects.

Trump urges cops not to be “too nice” with “thugs.”

Trump to Boy Scouts: “We could use some more loyalty.”

From the defunct Deep Thoughts with Donald Trump Twitter page.