War is Over! Now What Do We Fight?!?

Skripal poisoned for Hillary!

Chemtrails changing our DNA! Scary!

Syria truth bomb — Its all fake!

David Hogg Reddit post celebrates mosquitoes killing “billions” of humans!

Mueller raid to coverup JFK Jr murder! Panic!

Our secret space program! Mind blowing!

Hillary rape tape leaked sources say!

CEO of child sex trafficking site given FBI award by Mueller!

Trump family threatened by Deep State!

Trump ends war between North and South Korea!

Mexico Agrees to Pay For Wall!

BREAKING: Starbucks HATES white people!!!

Mafia crimes indict Mueller!

California Governor Jerry Brown to ban sales of the Bible!

Video proves no gas attack! Hoax!

Clinton aide: Hillary beat sh*t out of staff backstage!

Superstar DJ Avicii found dead after exposing pedophile ring!

FEC records prove Hillary campaign illegally laundered $84 million!

Hillary ordered North Korea kidnapping!

How to tell if news is fake? A sure sign is if the site has “blogspot” in its web address.