Why People Leave the Church and Never Come Back
Nate Bagley

Hello Nate, thanks for the write-up. I’d love to hear your story, why you left, and more on how empathy brought you back. I can appreciate not sharing it publicly if that be the choice.

I left two years ago. Read a more complete version of our history, felt extremely betrayed — lied to. In my situation, empathy is misdirected. Getting empathy from family & friends does not resolve the “unsustainable faith narratives” to use Bushman’s terms. As I read our history, I see duplicity, prevarication, and equivocation. I get that others may not feel or see those things upon reading the same history, that is fine for them. With that understanding, I think most can see how it is that empathy alone won’t help most come back. The “unsustainable faith narratives” are still there, being taught etc.. To the extent anyone agrees that there are unsustainable faith promoting narratives, will there be accountability?

I agree when you make the statement that most will never come back. It does not have to be that way, it is a shame it *is* that way. Honesty, integrity, and accountability would go far in helping that along.



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