‘Good Enough’ Is Never Good Enough

I’ve perused many resumes that say that the candidates’ attention to detail sets them apart from others — but if nearly everybody says the same thing, what is it that actually makes some employees better than others?

The answer: actual attention to detail.

Some say attention to detail can’t be taught. I disagree. In my mind, attention to detail is nothing more than taking that extra effort to make sure things are absolutely right. It’s pride in our work.

Are the images we choose the absolute best we can find to convey our messages? Is the text we write going to prick people’s hearts and move them to action? Is every second of audio in the videos we create impeccable? Are the times we choose to publish effective for reaching our intended audiences? Do all of our posts go up without a hitch?

I’m not suggesting that mistakes are never made or that there are never lessons to be learned.

However, I am suggesting that the messages we share are too important to ever simply be published without knowing we labored with each piece of content at every step along the way. Our audiences will feel our commitment to excellence.

When it comes to creating and sharing the important messages over which we are stewards, “good enough” is never good enough.