Morning without you.

Morning's the most

Difficult time of day.

Still trying to get used to

Not seeing your face.

Your eyes looking up,

Such a deep hazel brown.

Your nose nudging me,

All wet, black, and round.

Bedtime’s not much better.

Or anytime, in that case.

There’s a cold empty draft,

In your now vacant space.

You’d lay next to me,

Tucked in by my knee.

Always warm and secure,

I could sleep easily.

But now you’re no more.

Only these memories…

And this photo I took,

Of your sweet little face.

I sit, reminisce,

Looking off into space…

And think to myself;

“What if all of mankind

Could have what we had?”

Such a bond you can’t find.

To care and care for.

To play and embrace.

Wouldn’t the world be,

Such a much better place…

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