Things I hope happen in the Mad Men finale

That the opening credits is proven to actually be Vinko Bogataj (pictured).

The Beatles break up and the deaths of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin at age 27 remind us of farewells from long ago.

Don reads “No Place to Be Somebody”

There’s a Midnight Cowboy reference

Reference Curt Flood’s civil lawsuit challenging baseball’s reserve clause. I mean, if this show is about how far we are from the 50s, then few things did more to contribute to the change than this

Someone reads from “The Saddest Poem Ever” by 1971 Literature Nobel winner Pablo Neruda

Dennis Gabor’s invention of holographic method of three-dimensional imagery gets tied into Don’s storyline

Dow’s man Ken Cosgrove is seen in the theater watching A Clockwork Orange

Since he hasn’t been to the movies in a while and because everyone’s obsessed with planes, Don goes to see Airport

Sal is seen watching the first Gay Liberation Day march from a distance and doesn’t know how to publicly react.

The show ends with Who Loves The Sun.

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