Bring MozFest Home

Share MozFest’s principles & practices with your home community

Nov 4 · 2 min read

After an amazing and momentous MozFest 2019, we hope you’ll join us for a series of community calls that will help you bring the festival and it’s collaborative community to your home! These community calls will give you a chance to share what you learned at the festival and brainstorm next steps you can take to support the internet health movement and work towards trustworthy AI.

On each call, a different guest speaker will explain how they’re bringing the principles and practices of MozFest back to their home communities throughout the year.

The big idea: stay connected and contribute to each other’s work in 2020 and beyond!

MozFest is a platform for community collaboration, but our partnerships aren’t limited to a single weekend’s worth of time. The spirit of MozFest lasts all year — from festival to festival — so long as we keep reaching out for each other, listening to each other, inviting each other to contribute to the work, and combining our efforts for a healthier internet and trustworthy AI all year long.

You can learn about more opportunities to stay connected with the MozFest community by signing up for Mozilla’s our newsletter here. You can learn more about the people and projects of MozFest 2019 on Discourse and Pulse.

Let’s keep in touch to multiply our efforts to build up the internet health movement and demand more trustworthy AI!


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