The Struggle of a Miracle Worker

I woke up this morning with a tremendous hunger to know the Holy Spirit and be used of God. Not an uncommon thing for me to experience however I knew today something was going to unlock in my heart. The Lord has been using me in the working of miracles and healings gifts since I got saved and I love it! However I have found myself in resent times being stirred to something more.

The truth is there's a difference between using the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit using us. Much of the culture of the church teaches us right now that “its Christ in us” that's true, but we are we being found in Christ? Its one thing to have a well, its entirely another to have a river. The well is something that can be drawn from and provide refreshment whenever you want, but the river is something that must be yielded to! My fear is that much of our Christian lives is built on having a “well” relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Characteristics of a “well” Christian

  1. Relationship with the Lord is only pulled on in times of need.
  2. Much like the sons of Sceva they have the right words but no power backing them.
  3. Serving within their local church or even tithing is a strain for them.
  4. Power may be talked about but when the rubber meets the road they have no traction. Id settle for a skid mark at least. lol

My point is this, trying to do life with the Holy Spirit as a sidekick verse waking up yielding to His will are two vastly different things. Onto those who flow in the river!

  1. Praying in the Spirit is not an option but a vital part of their prayer life.
  2. The word of God is their bread and their meat.
  3. The state of the world is not excused away as someone else's problem but they take personal responsibility to bring revival to the people around them.
  4. They never function in life or ministry from memory but from a sensitivity to hearing the Holy Spirits voice in the moment.

Many say they want the Holy Spirit to have His way, including myself. But what if you go to a meeting expecting a prophetic word and God decides to make it a miracle service!? What if your a minister whos known for having a gift of miracles and thats what the people want but God has other plans? Do you give into what the people want and run the risk of opening yourself up to a familiar spirit or do you follow the Spirit of the living God and be a surrendered vessel that only wants His will? After all He still knows what best for His people right?

Prayer: Father I want to thank you for sending me the helper, the comforter, the spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit. Forgive me for any area that Ive grieved or quenched Him. I surrender fully to Your will, make me sensitive to your desires and the flow of your anointing. That I may know you! In Jesus name Amen