Selecting My Group

In selecting my group for this project I knew that I wanted to choose a group that stands for a cause I care about as well. I knew right away that Homeboy Industries would be the perfect group. The summer after my senior year of high school I had the privilege of visiting Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles with my church. We got a full tour of the facility that included a run down of everything that they are doing in the community that they operate in. In a nutshell Homeboy Industries is a program for former gang-affiliated and formerly incarcerated persons. The program helps redirect their lives to help them become more productive members of society through job training programs, as well as other services. These other services include: resume building, case work, tattoo removal, interview training, substance abuse support, and mental health services among other things.

I recognize the importance of Homeboy Industries right now more than ever. The criminal justice system in our country is extremely broken (more on that later), and Homeboy Industries is undoubtably doing their part by working to remedying that. One of the biggest issues with the incarceration system in the United States is that even once you are on back on the streets again, the system makes it extremely hard to stay out through rigorous parole rules that make it very difficult to get a job and become a functioning member of society again. Homeboy Industries recognized that and chose to do something about it.

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