Social Change so Far

The following blog post is a summary taken from the Homeboy Industry website on why they do what they do as well as the change that they have had a part in so far.

Why: According to, 2/3 of youth offenders will be re-arrested, and 1/3 of those will be just a year after their initial release from incarceration. Homeboy is stationed in Los Angeles for a reason: in 2010, Education Week named the city the “dropout epicenter” of the nation. LA county is “home to 34% of California’s poor, with a poverty rate of 16.1%. 75% of youth gang homicides in the state of California occur in Los Angeles County.” (

Change so far: According to a 2015 graphic on the Homeboy Industries website the following are the statistics on the effect Homeboy had in a given month in 2015.

  • Up to 1,000 former gang members and previously incarcerated persons come through the doors seeking free services
  • 800 tattoo removal sessions
  • 140 clients seen for legal counsel
  • 120 clients seen for mental health counsel
  • 240 job trainees through case management
  • 400 students attending classes
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