Virtru Python SDK with Magic Wormhole

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Hello from a freshly cleaned and sanitized workspace! I stumbled onto (again) a really useful and easy tool, Magic Wormhole. It is quite possibly the easiest file transfer tool around for on-demand one-off file transfers. I think it is fantastic and well implemented from a usability standpoint. But what if I need to transfer “sensitive” data? I have an answer! Today I will be diving into encrypting data using the Virtru Python SDK and transferring it using Magic Wormhole.

But, I will be using PyPi to get the Virtru SDK onto my system.

Magic Wormhole Usage


apt install magic-wormhole
wormhole send test.txt
Sending 57.6 kB file named 'test.txt'
On the other computer, please run: wormhole receive
Wormhole code is…

Encrypt MQTT traffic on an RPI

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Hello and welcome back. Today I will be talking about how to encrypt the data in use and at rest while using MQTT. The MQTT transport will be unencrypted to ensure minimum requirements for the broker.


I wanted to show the power of the Virtru Developer Platform using a known, popular, and low powered device to display the performance of the Virtru SDK. MQTT is a popular transport for IoT traffic that has varying levels of Quality of Service and security. …

Details on usage of the Virtru Data Protection Platform Bot.

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Hello! Today I will be discussing our newly-released Virtru Data Protection Platform Bot. The Virtru Data Protection Platform Bot enables Automation Anywhere users to easily integrate Virtru Data Protection Platform into their automation workflows. The files created are compatible with the Virtru for Google Drive Chrome Extension.

Table of Contents


  • Protect files at the object-level with end-to-end encryption, so that no third parties — not even Automation Anywhere or Virtru — can access the automated data.
  • Automate the revocation, expiration, and sharing permissions of files, even after they’ve been shared, and audit access to these files wherever they travel. …

Securing Application Data in Google Cloud Storage using the Virtru SDK

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Hello! Today I will be talking about securing application data stored on Google Cloud Storage(GCS) using the Virtru Developer Platform, specifically the Virtru Python SDK. This is the second post on securing application data in a cloud environment. The first post dealt with the Amazon AWS platform, S3. Encrypting application data at creation can easily prevent issues and data leakage related to bucket misconfigurations similar to the Fresh Films Production leak.

Business Problem

Like many developers, I use Google Cloud Platform and with it, Google Cloud Storage to store application data. But what if I have sensitive data? How can I secure it? How hard will it be to integrate? What does the protection look like over time? In searching for answers I decided to use the Virtru Data Protection Platform to protect my data, which in turn offers the entire Virtru Developer Platform. Application data in this scenario is generated by either the client or application layer and the encryption will occur when the application layer calls the storage layer (GCS) to persist the data. …

Secure WordPress Ninja Form Submissions using the Virtru SDK

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Welcome back to the Virtru Technology Blog! Today I will be sharing an idea that came from our digital marketer, Osman Sheikh (Medium) and created by Olesksii Veprev (Github). For our 2nd Annual Virtru Hackathon, he suggested using the Virtru Developer Platform to encrypt content on Ninja Forms, a popular WordPress plugin. In Osman’s own words:

As a digital marketer for Virtru, I have a love-hate relationship with Wordpress. I have fond memories of building my first website on, then moving to a self-hosted version after I managed to convince my parents that this whole internet thing wasn’t a fad. Since then I’ve built everything from personal websites to blogs to eCommerce sites for employers. …

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” — Ricky Bobby

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I have been working with the Virtru Data Protection Platform to solve various real-world problems related to securing data by using the Virtru SDK. In my effort to secure all the data, I have inadvertently neglected application scaling and performance. Encryption and decryption take time, because…MATH!!! This is my first post related to parallel/concurrent processing related to the Virtru SDK. I will be focusing on the Virtru Python SDK in this article.


The projects used in this article are:
* Base Project — Single Threaded
* Resulting Project — Multiprocess

Virtru Python SDK Background

The Virtru Python SDK shares the same base SDK as the Virtru C++ SDK. The base SDK is written in C++, which helps consolidate the codebase. This is fantastic as the C++ and the Python SDK both have the same calls and approaches to encryption, decryption, and policy management. This also introduces the dreaded GIL (Global Interpreter Lock). …

Encrypt Data using Automation Anywhere Community Edition

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Greetings and thank you for taking a look at how I utilized the Virtru Platform to protect automated cloud-based workflows. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that automates business processes through the use of software or “robots” that complete repetitive tasks on a computer typically performed by humans. Automation Anywhere is one of many Robotic Process Automation (RPA) providers on the market and their Community Edition was perfect for demonstrating this simple but effective way to protect sensitive data when automating workflows.


The goal of the Bot:

  • Encrypt all files in a predetermined…

Bulk Encrypt and Decrypt Files using the Virtru SDK

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Today I will be looking at a fairly simple use case of bulk encrypt and decrypt operations local to a machine using the Virtru SDK.

Tools And Code


I am moving a lot of files from my local computer to the cloud. Some of the files contain sensitive information, so I would like to encrypt them. I plan on moving the files into a specific folder and encrypting those files. Once complete I will migrate all data.


Using the existing sample from the Virtru Developer Hub where the sample took all of the files in a directory and encrypted them, I extended it and parameterized it. …

Encrypt attachments to a standard email using the Virtru SDK

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Greetings! Recently someone had a question about sending standard emails but encrypting the attachments. Luckily I was able to offer a solution that required minimal modification of their existing Python mailer script by encrypting just the attachments using the Virtru SDK.


Send a normal email with an encrypted attachment that the recipient can open with minimal hassle and no additional requirements on their computer. The encrypted file will use the TDF as an HTML wrapper to ensure universal access to the encrypted file.


Securing JS Web Forms with client-side encryption using the Virtru SDK

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Web forms are a standard and ubiquitous way for companies to collect data online. This blog dives into how developers can ensure the security of HTML/JS forms using client-side encryption. The data owner will be the form submitter and the form owner will be granted access to the encryption policy. Web forms come in many flavors, but for this post, I will be focusing on HTML forms with Vanilla JavaScript to handle and post the text input and files to S3.


  • Encryption in transit
  • Encryption at rest
  • S3 for form text fields as…


Chad Sigler

Platform Team — Virtru

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