The distraction-free iPhone (or ‘Why I’m happier since I disabled Safari’)
Jake Knapp

I did a similar experiment but not to the extreme you have. Personally, I disabled most notifications, and badge counters on my iPhone. Everything is still there but I don’t get the constant reminder my phone is in my pocket. I used to get anxiety about clearing badge icons and notifications because they always felt like clutter. Now, I check email once or twice a day and everything else less. Twitter and News is probably my 2 weaknesses. I really like knowing what is going on in the real world.

I rid the Facebook app from my phone, thanks to complaining people and the US election. As far as other social streams (Instagram and Snapchat); they don’t keep my attention so I don’t care to check them often anyway.

Before I did this, I always had this acute stress I couldn’t let go of. My life is not stress free but it is nice to not stress about things that never really mattered in the first place. Congrats on finding a happy median!

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