After Gratipay? Idelic!

I have joined a company here in Pittsburgh called Idelic, a seed-stage startup whose mission is “to empower [trucking] fleets with technology and insights to help make our roads and highways safer for everyone.”

Idelic ships a web app for fleet safety teams, featuring predictive analytics to answer questions like, “Which of my drivers are most likely to get into an accident in the next three months?”

Here are five things about Idelic that caught my attention:

  1. Idelic has a solid mission. “Around 500,000 trucking accidents occur every year in the United States.” Reducing that number is obviously worthwhile.
  2. Idelic is a startup. I’ll be able to have an impact as employee number four, with much less risk than I had with Gratipay.
  3. Idelic is a real company with a real product that solves a real problem for real customers. There’s no “we’ll figure out monetization later.”
  4. The team is kind, competent (the three founders met at Carnegie Mellon), and hard-working. I’m excited to build a successful company together.
  5. Idelic’s technology is a good mix for me of the familiar and the unfamiliar (the main web app is in Scala; the machine learning piece is in Python 3).

My task as Engineering Lead is to build out an engineering team over the next several years. We’re ready to hire two or three engineers immediately. If all goes well, we’ll be ramping up further in 2019. Email me if interested.

Gratipay drove the conversation about open source sustainability while also defining new possibilities in organizational transparency and openness. Some of that might influence Idelic, but honestly that is not why I’m here. My goals for the next few years are to learn first-hand how to build a successful company … and to make America’s roads safer.

Onward to safety! 💃

P.S. Shout-out to Corgibytes, maintenance programmers extraordinaire, who welcomed me as a remote freelancer while I looked for the right full-time fit here in Pittsburgh.️️