At a young in America the majority are forced into going into a school system that teaches us to conform taught by teachers that have been conformed to teach a certain way and curriculum that they are given to teach with goals set for them to teach their students in order to keep there jobs (conformed teachers teaching kids to be conformed like them, not always the case, usually the case). The school system was created to make people do things a certain way. Kids that are doing their own thing get criticized by teachers and classmates having no choice but to conform or be classified by a term then possibly forced to take some kind of drug that will make them more conformable to the classroom setting. Maybe i am wrong to say all this but i have a strong feeling of faith that school systems need to be fixed as do many feel that have reached great successes in life, it is funny how many students that grew up failing classes are the ones that become millionaires, they knew all along what was going on... bullshit

To be who you are you have to know why you are really doing what you do with visions that aligns with your spirit. In the school system you are taught to care about what others think about you, when in reality that is one of the worst things you can do, they think so much about what their peers, family neighbors etc are saying that they do not of confidence in themselves to go after what good they can really do for this world if they try to do such a thing they will be given failing grades . Most of you who are reading this will have been out of the school system by now, so instead of it being your teachers it might be employers, governments opinions that you have to stop taking into consideration as much as you do. It is as important to treat people with respect as to treat yourself with respect. If you are a bad person doing bad thing you should probably seek help. Most people who are mean are mean because they are not happy with themselves is what we have to remember.

Thank you for reading this