I’m at 90% — daily august blog #17

90% is beyond passing, all i want to do is pass. missed 3 blogs this month out of the 31 thus far meaning the highest percentage received can be a 90.3 of getting this done…i can miss a couple more, still passing if needed. I’m grading myself…i don’t want to have to fail myself lol.

Today didn’t really get much done, kinda slacked off, it really isn’t a good feeling to have known that i was slacking, procrastinating on things that i want to get done, fortuneteller the whole night ahead is ability to begin making things happen. Wonder what my friends that live in the woods are doing at this moment? it is a thought, not that i really care or would hit them up. do plan on visiting them soon to use their land as my personal gain for making dope music video’s…my definition of what a music video is is different from what other might perceive it to be. i personally like nature which is why it fascinates me to talk about them on here. when i used to watch shows that were on the television one that i would enjoy watching was a couple nature series. i liked man vs wild, duel survival, naked and afraid…mainly the first two mentioned interested me the most cause they were (professional survivalists) that you could learn things from. i liked the show called River monsters a ton too…i had watched probably every episode, not sure if that dude is still making more…recently having found steve irwin stuff on youtube that was of interest to me too because steve was into documenting shit b4 everyone/ anyone n lived what i consider to be a interesting life unlike that documented ever b4. i’m willing to bet our lives are more interesting then we know…even if you work a office job 9–5 your life is pretty interesting to people in this world if documented in a interesting way…it is obvois that we know the show the office had a ton of viewers,,,imagine if you were actually a ceo of a business n decided to make a vlog about it…you would be like the real life office show….

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