Tinder Review, attraction, lust, beauty

Mixed feelings. okay, to begin, with my new phone recenlty being recieved it has given opportunity to get some apps..looking through them for social media apps with high amounts of downloads + attention came across some with a lower number that is still high around 100 million. my friends have been using tinder for years, some of them swearing by it, none of that interested me until i have become a content creator, looking at it from a marketing point of view more then for meeting a attractive girl…I don’t feel ready to date at this point in life needing to focus on getting my shit together first, a sexy girl messages me after hitting her like button that would be totally fine though. i didn’t know really what i was getting in too, literally all you can do in the app is swipe left or right for like or dislike. For creating a profile you are aloud to leave a short bio, some photos, connect your instagram etc…i was happy that i was able to connect my instagram to it, girls viewing me will see that i update it regularly there might be something of interest to them regardless of sex that brings me to their attention worth spending there day watching my social media exp load like my… I spent a few hours clicking left n right thinking once a match was made you could connect + talk to that person, then i got a message back saying i have a match….except to talk to that match you have to pay for the subscription, it wont even let you see who match…it could have been one of my miss clicks or they could be evil having someone in their company hit match to get people to sign up…to be honest it really does interest myself…i want to see who it was but do not want to pay that 5+ dollars, fuck that app getting so popular when it isn’t free…where is the free app that everyone uses that is a knock off of tinder…that needs to be a thing. I know tinder is old news to many at this point…i’m going to make a video of myself clicking left n right on girls n be talking in it about why i clicked left or right. i think making a video like that will really put my personality out to the world beyond what it has been, leaving huge room for judgement back on me, not that i care, lol…i will try not to get super mean when someone is really ugly, but for real…u should be able to tell by looking at me that i aint into fat girls 10 times my skinny ass self size. of coarse i looked at their photo’s then if super hot i might have glimpsed at their bio…i dont see myself spending much time on that app though cause it doesn’t help connect people as well as i was hoping,,,,im giving it a chance at the moment…if like 20 matches came back after one day…i’d be on there every day all day lol like the video i watched on youtube of family guy tinder..yes i was doing research on youtube to figure out how to best utilize Tinder.