I looked for you

I looked for you in the dark and wondrous spaces
under the star scattered remnants of forgotten hope
I followed you over the crumbling edges of comfort
away from the sorrowed silhouettes of desolate desire
I caught the song of fluttering formations
your purpose folding upon itself across the pulsing sky
I listened to the ripple of innocent voices
laughing through the fields and streets of your spring
I watched you drift over shimmering fears and failures
matting the chaos like a heavy morning dew
I lost my breath under your lingering glances
pressed to the earth in a tumbling embrace
I reached for you across the sovereign silence
untamed beckonings of the marbled mountains and stoic seas
I found you in the broken sunlight
filtered through a thousand autumns of ancient promises
I found you in the emptiness beneath the turmoil
the layers between static and the long steady inhale of now