Bias in the Brotherhood: Two Corps’ Sobering Similarity

Chadwick Michael
Oct 26, 2017 · 14 min read
The Madison Scouts during their 2017 production “The Last Man Standing.” Source:

The transgender student turned away from the Madison Scouts

Payton McGarry. Source: Facebook

“Seeing all the misinformation and lack of education is hard, but feeling that hatred is almost unbearable.”

The revelation of the transgender student admissions ban

The unwritten all-male tradition

Shortcomings of using “sex assignment” as an eligibility reference point

Original Map Source: Wikipedia

The Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps leads by example

Members of the Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps during their 2017 season performing their show “Star Crossed.”
Dr. Russ Gavin in an undated photo (Image credit: Russell Gavin)

Overwhelming youth support for going co-ed and ending the ban on FTM transgender performers

Hearing to revise the admissions policy

The End… (for now)

I am a transgender man. And if I ever do someday make it into the military, I will be there for my siblings on the battlefield just as they would be for me. […]

I will be there for them because it will be my solemn obligation to myself, my colleagues and my country. I will be there because I recognize everyone’s right not just to survive, but to do what we love. To thrive.

2018 UPDATE: DCI’s new commitment to curtail harassment and discrimination in Drum Corps

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