You’re better at UX than the job market is telling you.

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I don’t have the greatest mind for UX in the world and interviewing was a struggle for me.

So how did I get my first UX job?

I can’t claim to have the be-all-end-all method for finding a job, but I can show you how I did it.

Here are…

Welcome to UX Fight Club.

The first rule of UX Fight Club is: you do not talk about UX Fight Club, you write about it.

The second rule of UX Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about UX Fight Club!

Third rule of UX Fight Club: if someone yells…

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Today’s matchup is between Daniel Falabella and… well… the 3,000+ members of Product Hive’s Product Management slack channel.

Big props to Daniel for rolling with the punches, swinging hard, and looking for that KO.

Daniel’s arguments may be unpopular to some, but he…

What is wrong with professional mentorships today?

There are two answers:

  1. They’re either too difficult to set up, or
  2. They don’t result in skill advancement for the pupil.

Finding a mentor willing to devote time (and possibly resources) is rare.

Finding a pupil willing to devote all energy to following…

I’m not going to lie — I knew nothing about the difficulty of the lives of single mothers before this project.

Designing for an unknown audience was daunting and made the research phase of this project especially vital. …

Source: Content Marketing Institute

My professor told me I would never have a career in writing.

He had just read a story I wrote about my worst vacation, a trip to Disneyland that my brother won in a sweepstakes. It had the potential of a mediocre story. It held the promise of slight entertainment.

Photo: Kivo Daily

Hideaki Akaiwa was several miles inland when an 8.9-magnitude earthquake caused a tsunami that would completely cover his hometown of Ishinomaki in ten feet of ocean water. …

Pain sucks, I know.

I would never claim to be the most troubled person in the world, but this doesn’t mean I haven’t had my mountains to climb and that I don’t still climb them today.

I don’t want to talk about me though, mostly because I’ve lived a good…

How to Laugh at Your Fears

The kid wearing the shirt had clearly made some mistakes in his lifetime — he was rockin’ some long, ugly ef sideburns, had a face tattoo, and I had frequently caught him humming Nickelback songs while sipping egg nog in the middle of summer. Yet, with all of these inexpressibly…

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