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Imagining the Future Is Just Another Form of Memory

When I think about future, I think about flying cars, invisibly glass phones, and teleportation, but where did this thought come from? That’s where this article comes in place and makes the strong statement about the future.

Knowledge Claim:

We use experiences and estimations from historical progression to assume the Future.

Knowledge Claim:

Without prior knowledge, we cannot come to a conclusion about what could be an outcome.

Us humans pick up on a lot of little tweaks and things that we don’t realize, which fantasizing about things like the future is a result of it. Ideas

Knowledge Question:

To what extent is Imagination and History the greatest source for predicting?

Humans can be very imaginative and we can see how things have changed over periods of time. This can lead us to see differences and how things progress and get more advanced.

Knowledge Question:

To what extent does memory and the arts control our ability to predict?

We remember a lot of things, as it’s a form of History, not always as accurate, but sometimes more credible. Artistic tributes get us to imagine more and with our memory we can make judgments to predict.