TOKa #6: This Much Will Kill You

For this TOKa, I watched the video from ASAP Science called This Much Will Kill You.

The title of the video is pretty self explanatory, but it covers many interesting aspects of our views on poisoning. The video tells you about many everyday things that people consume and how much of that item it would take to kill you. It isn’t too often you remember that just about anything can kill you and that’s why I chose this video. The video is super interesting and I highly recommend it as there are many things to learn.

Knowledge Claims

Life is a precious thing and the world sure contains a lot of it. I’m always surprised whenever I hear of new dangers. Hearing these dangers makes me more cautious and a little more hesitant of wanting to do things. However, knowing these new things can be beneficial to your personal safety. After watching this video, I learned you can die just from consuming two to three cherry pits. The video explains how this can happen, but it’s crazy to think I never knew this! What if I just happened to bite into one or two pits by accident when eating some cherries? Or how about a young kid who didn’t know they weren’t supposed to bite into the pits, they could have died. Things like these everyday food can kill you and it is scary. This led me to find out if apple seeds have Cyanide in them too, as I eat apple seeds quite often, and they do contain this dangerous chemical. I am not dead yet myself from consuming apple seeds, but I do know that I’m not going to eat any more of them. I now wonder how knowing this information will affect me, with the changes I’m going to make. It’s very possible that trying to completely avoid certain things can be just as negative as having some of them. I feel as if nothing is good for you, but taking the right things helps you grow and live.

Knowledge Question #1:

Why do we label some things, such as fruit “healthy”?

I think food and other consumables these days lack so many nutrients and vitamins that we compare them to things that do. We also base things on calories and this plays a big role in whats “healthy” or “good” to eat.

Knowledge Question #2:

With such dangerous chemicals in cherry pits, do you think food companies are aware of the chemicals they put in their products?

I feel as if a lot of companies use chemicals that are not necessary for their product and this can be dangerous. We are taught the more ingredients on the products list, the “worse” it is for your health. This will ultimately hurt us in the future, I believe.

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