TOKa on 13th

Robust Knowledge requires both consensus and disagreement.

Scope/Application: 13th talks about how mass incarceration has become a serious issue today. It goes into ethics and morals as it questions if people are even “free” today. It connects the idea of 13th amendment to the police system today, as it says in the Constitution that slavery is illegal. It also says that involuntary servitude, except as punishment, where the party has been duly convicted. After watching this documentary, it really makes you question the United States justice system.

Of course good knowledge requires both sides of an argument. The government denies these accusations of racial and other forms of profiling, but they have very little proof to back up their explanation.

KC: The connection to race and incarceration is obvious, but what isn’t is the answer to how the United States still has failed to fulfill its promise to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

KQ: How can national leaders and organizations completely ignore serious issues, when they could easily make the majority of the citizens happy with what is right?

Leaders like Trump, who are absolutely disgraceful, could make a lot of people happy just by stopping the habits of mass incarceration, as not only would it stop a lot of illegal searches, but it would lower taxes for people, as it costs up to $60,000 for inmates. Some arrests are good, but a lot would just be better to rehabilitate the convict. Arresting people, especially in low income areas, only makes them and their family’s struggle greater. Not only can they not work, but they are released to have an even harder time finding work or getting a good job with a criminal record. So what are they going to do after learning the government is only out to get you? They’ll go right back to whatever got them arrested in the first place or even worse. Maybe they’ll learn their “lesson”, but with the lack of rehabilitation and the crack down on minor offenses, its hard to bounce back from anything.

KQ: How can people still think there’s a problem with crime, when it’s actually an issue with a lack of help and rehabilitation?

The Police and Justice system deliberately pick out anyone they “suspect” to be criminal, when they’re the ones who are being unconstitutional. It’s hard to think about and there’s little to do as an individual, but there is a lot to do as a whole. America is for the people and the people see everything. This will be stopped and people will get their justice and the country their were promised.