The Annoyances of the Alarm App

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Let me tell you what annoys me the most. Alarm clock apps. There are hundreds upon hundreds of them. All advertising the same exact thing. Some doing things just a little bit different. Some have puzzle-solving mini games or some other task to resolve to annoy you just enough to keep you awake enough to get out to bed.

And this is what we have become: drones waiting for our morning buzz. Our world has become exceedingly fast. We live to work, so it seems. Understandable. We all want more money or capabilities the only way to get any of it is to work harder, for longer, for more money. For a lot of us, it comes at the expense of our own well-being. And by “well-being”, I mean mental or physical health-wise.

Speaking of morning “buzz”, let’s talk alarm clock apps. There are hundreds. I haven’t counted. You have probably downloaded a few yourself to just try out. To see what would be the most difficult for you to turn off, such as with puzzles or math questions. Personally, I could count on three hands the amount of alarm clocks I’ve tried. I have, of course, also had physical alarm clocks, namely the Sonic Bomb by SonicAlert. It didn’t work for me. In fact, it never woke me up. In any case, alarm clock apps, essentially, all do the same thing. They just do the same thing differently. Timely is a great example. I used it for a long time, and it is great at what it does. It’s extremely well designed. You can option to solve a puzzle to make you struggle more to turn the darned thing off. You can have it set to an “easy rise” setting (which never worked for me). The customization options are wonderful. The problem was that it rarely — if ever —woke me up. It doesn’t change how the alarm functions or interacts with your actual sleep pattern. But, again, I haven’t seen any form of significant change.

Of course, with all things, experiences can and will vary. I wake easier with my phone’s stock alarm clock. No need for another. It does the job. The biggest change that I’ve seen has been with creating a morning routine, which is something that I never really grasped a hold of until my later years. I used to love sleeping in, and now I can’t. I used to forego breakfast every morning and eat only twice a day, and now I can’t. I guess it must be a part of getting older. You need more nourishment. You need better sleep. You need a job that you truly love. Fortunately, I have found that unicorn. And I suppose that’s a bigger reason why I can wake up now. But, for the most of us, the point of the matter is that we need extra help to just wake up in the morning just so we can grab a cup of coffee to completely wake up again.

We have our morning routines. And if you don’t have one, you should. That’s what truly starts your morning off right. Mine is to get up, iron a shirt and leave for work an hour before work begins to grab a cup of coffee and yogurt at Mapco (it’s cheap and just as good as getting something at Starbucks — try it, you get any size coffee for $0.99 with Mapco’s rewards card). It wakes me up and gets me ready for the coming day at work.

Work can, equally, be both the reason why you can (do) or can’t (don’t) want to get up in the morning. Most certainly that was the issue I had with my previous place of employ. I’d be insanely bored, mainly because the day-to-day was just the same old thing. Come into work. Sit down. Do this same thing. Change this. Change that. Get this approved. Change it again. It was also closer to home. I consider all of my previous co-workers as family as well. That’s what I miss the most.

I’d be insanely bored, mainly because the day-to-day was just the same old thing. Come into work. Sit down. Do this same thing.

But the problem remains in this alone, for me: I’d wage to say that we all spend more time at work than I do at home or with my loved ones. It’s the price we pay to live the life of pleasure that we all strive for, that good ol’ American Dream. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Good hard work is something we excel at. And we keep finding more ways to make work more efficient, as well as ourselves. We think about the “American Dream”. We dream about it. But it’s always slightly out of our reach. At times, it feels as though we are close to it, that everything is in sight. Then we walk into unexpected circumstances. But that’s when things can change for the better.

I now work at a call center. I don’t have my own office anymore. I live with a headset on waiting to help the next person. And I genuinely love every single bit of it. But why? I moved away from having a desk and doing what I thought I truly loved to the service industry. I had never looked into it because it was something I never desired to work in. But now I’m almost a year into said industry and everything has changed. Especially how I wake up in the morning. Excitedly, I wake up every day, early. Go through the morning routine. Get to work and do my job well. Doing something different and actually helping people has been an amazing change.

This leads me to my big point. The lifestyle change is what you need. If you struggle to wake up. Change what you’re waking up for. If you fight yourself to care about tomorrow. Do what you care about. Your body will thank you for the nights that you spend actually getting a good night’s rest. You’ll be excited to wake up knowing that you will and want to excel at what you do on a daily basis.

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