Twenty, Married, and Still a Virgin
Shannon Ashley

Hi Shannon,

Thank you for sharing your story. You know I got married at a very young age because I thought that was the right thing to do (according to religion). I married a religious man and found many things in common with your story. In my case, I never really was in love and I stayed married due to our daughter. After 7 years I decided to divorce. After my divorce, I had a period of “rebellion” where I blame everything that happened to me on God and the religion. But, in my case, it didnt last since I understood that religion and people are two separate identities. I am still a believer and I still believe that the most loved one from God are the most tested.

I don’t judge you at all, I loved your story and I know how it’s hard to talk about what we went through.

Thank you again for sharing,

Chahira Bt.