The Octopus Queen Poem

I had a dream last night that humans were really just walking hearts.
Some were red, some black, some blue.
You should have seen the size of me next to you!
I was 11 feet tall and had a slight history of hemorrhages.
I was a dark, dark maroon.
The color I was supposed to be.
You on the other hand were a measly 5 foot 3.
Fragile and fertile.
Blue like the veins that couldn’t help but exist.
Black like the sore eyes that stayed open for any of this.
I don’t remember much else, I just thought this was a funny concept.
But I do remember how the ending went..
I walked up next to you beating my heart.
I handed you a pacemaker and told you it was your decision if you wanted another start.
But you sat there motionless and I realized that you didn’t have a mouth.
I started losing blood and expanding rather than imploding.
A beautiful exsanguination.
All of a sudden my eyes were the sky!
As if I were looking down in birds-eye view.
Looking down, I no longer saw a figure of me standing next to you.
Just fragments of the best heart anyone could ever ask for.
You walked around silent, picking up every good piece you could find.
You dismantled your head and shoved them in from behind.
As if you were putting the better part of me in the back of your mind.
I woke myself up smiling and if anyone asks i’ll tell them I never, ever had that dream.
The one about the uhhh…… the octopus queen.