Soccer startup, Sporticos, aims to be top resource

Soccer (football) is widely regarded as the most popular sport in the world. The popularity of the sport, and the growing need for easy-to-access graphics for blogging or social media sharing is what Sporticos is all about.

Sporticos, founded in June of 2015, is an innovative new sports website based in Poland that provides users with infographics for over 60 soccer leagues across the world. The most popular leagues in the world are featured including the Premier League in England, Primera Division in Spain, Serie A in Italy, Ligue 1 in France, and Bundesliga in Germany. The colorful and descriptive infographics are available on the website, translated and ready for use in eight different languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

On the Sporticos “About Us” page they state their mission as, “a source for all essential information about football every fan would ever need. We are here to provide you with math previews, post match reports, head to head teams, and players comparisons served in a simple way.”

Some examples of these infographics are helpful pre-match:

League standings

Match odds

Key players

And even weather forecasts

After the match, infographics are available that recap the match:

Match facts

Match timeline

Individual player infographics are also available:

Player profile

Season statistics

The vast popularity of soccer as a global sport is still growing in the United States but there is a ways to go. The league that occupies most of my time and attention is Major League Soccer (MLS) based in North America. I was very happy to discover several MLS infographics available on Sporticos as I was getting around to writing a season preview article for my hometown team the LA Galaxy. I was able to pull infographics for the players I wanted to feature in my article, such as Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard, and Robbie Keane. The text and infographics go hand-in-hand to help build the story, making for a descriptive and extremely easy-to-read source.

Aiming to be the top resource for soccer, Sporticos constantly updates standings, statistics, and profiles. More than 1,000 new infographics are created each week to meet the demand of all the leagues all over the world.