Boots & Scoops 

A Tale of Two Kids Trying To Make It But Not Sure In What Yet So They’re Just Kinda Doing Everything

It’s the new year. A time for reflection on the year that’s passed and a look at the year to come. So let’s do exactly that…Bishi style.

But let’s start a lil’ farther back than 2013, shall we…

About 4 years ago

Jeremy (Boots) starts rapping. He’s ok.

About 3 years ago

Jeremy’s still rapping. He’s gotten better.

Sometime in the middle of 2010

Jeremy asks Matthew (Scoops) to get on a track with him. Matthew’s nervous. They go over Childish Gambino’s “Freaks and Geeks”. They call it “Jaime Chung”. The lyrics are ridiculously misogynistic. People go bazurk.


The two take a year off.

March 2012

Jeremy and Matthew are back with another Childish Gambino banger, “Bonfire”. They call it “Al Dente”. The lyrics are ridiculously misogynistic. They make a music video.

September 2012

They drop the long awaited “Al Dente: The Lost Clips

January 2013

The two decide to officially start making music together, under the name “Boots & Scoops”.

March 16 2013 (aka “The Phone Call”)

Jeremy and Matthew (aka Boots & Scoops) brainstorm ideas on the phone and fall on the idea to make a web series about 2 guys in a car rapping over instrumental. Mondays In The Bishi is born.

Monday April 1 2013

The Mondays In The Bishi Pilot episode drops. Everyone thinks it’s an April Fools joke. It’s not.

Monday April 8 2013

The second MITB episode drops, entitled “3 Like and a Comment”. Scoops has a huge pimple on his nose, but THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!

Monday April 15 2013

The “Grandpa Ralph” episode drops to WORLDWIDE ACCLAIM.

Sunday April 21 2013

The “Boots & Scoops” Facebook page goes live.

Monday April 22 2013

Adria, Andres and Nacho make their appearance in MITB: “Mi Tios”. They go loco.

Monday April 29 2013

Mista Wellz drops barrrrs in “Upper Westmount”.

Monday May 6 2013

Boots & Scoops get “Back to the Basics” in a simple yet satisfying episode.

Monday May 13 2013

The boys make a “Timmy Ho’s” run while still laying down a couple 16s in the Beeesh.

Monday May 20 2103

The “Wedding Crashers” crash a wedding, and then top it all off with a cover of R Kelly’s “Ignition”.

Monday May 27, 2013

Boots & Scoops come straight from work to film MITB: “Working Stiffs”. Boots absolutely covered in paint.

Monday June 3, 2013

The boyyyyyzzzz jump in the backseat for MITB: “5 Tank Tops

Monday June 10, 2013

We announce next week’s Season Finale of MITB, and drop a Deleted Scenes video.

Monday June 17, 2013

The MITB Season 1 Finale “LOOKING FOR SUMMER”, with accompanied track featuring Sarah Diamond.

June — December 2013

Boots & Scoops lay low, plotting their inevitable takeover of the world.

December 25 2013

Boots & Scoops shock the world (or about like 300 people) with “Christmas in The Bishi” featuring Jake Greenberg.

So that’s the recap of everything MITB….thus far.

NOW FOR 2014. Here’s what’s coming:

  • New episodes of MITB
  • New guests
  • New music
  • New music video
  • And a brand new us

What else do you want to see from Boots & Scoops this year? A mixtape? Album? TV show? FEATURE FILM?!?

We’re down to hear from you guys. Hit us up.

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