Blockchain Insider: Jen Greyson

Portia Burton
3 min readFeb 2, 2018


Recently named one of the Top 8 Women in Crypto, Jen Greyson of the Neureal Network and CEO of Powered by Neureal brings decades of executive leadership to the blockchain/crypto space. Her adamant stances on empowering women, lifting global issues, and educating over regulating, set her team at Neureal apart in the frenzy that is the current crypto space. With a project tackling artificial intelligence, big data, and cryptocurrency, she’ll be one to watch as she bridges some of the biggest nascent technologies.

Jen Greyson, CEO of Powered by Neureal

1. What is blockchain? Explain it to me like I’m five.

Blockchain is a new technology that allows everyone to view the same information at the same time to keep it accurate, much like a Google doc or a Wiki. When information stays viewable, there is a community accountability. Transactions aren’t happening in a back room and/or being manipulated by individual agendas. A benefit of blockchain is the ability to harness the computing power of all those machines, which is why we’re seeing so many Blockchain + AI applications.

2. What is your role in the blockchain space?

I am part of a blockchain + AI project creating a limitless ability to forecast the future. The computing power of blockchain will 10x or 100x what’s happening in AI and we’re relying on the power of the community to take us to the next evolution of mankind. I’m the CEO of Powered By Neureal℠, which is the service company of our AI project that will help businesses leverage the decision-making power of AI to help streamline their businesses, cut costs, and operate more efficiently.

3. Where do you see Ethereum in the next 5 years?

Five years is a LIFETIME in blockchain. Vitalik is brilliant and after watching his recent presentation on Ethereum 2.0, he still has a great vision of where Ethereum is headed. With the number of blockchain projects currently leveraging the platform and ERC20 tokens, it’s proving its viability and longevity in the space. It’s the only crypto I hold and I use it as currency wherever I can, as well as a short-term investment vehicle. I ran calculations on the current ETH value as compared to where it was for each ICO that happened in 2017 and the staggering amounts clearly show Ethereum’s value proposition in just the last year, to say nothing of the coming five.

4. What problems do you see blockchain solving?

Everything. Truly. The transparency and accountability afforded with the technology of blockchain can absolutely revolutionize nearly every industry; not necessarily every application, but blockchain has the ability to change the way life gets done, from patient records to land holdings. In the US we don’t understand the trust afforded our government and corporations; that doesn’t exist in a lot of countries and blockchain is changing that. As we look backward, there will be a definitive mark on the timeline denoting BB and AB.

5. What were you doing with your life five years ago?

Five years ago I made the decision to 10x my ghostwriting, bringing on NYT bestselling authors and serial entrepreneurs. I have always had a keen eye for spotting talent and untapped revenue sources; bringing them together to turn ideas into money. That’s serving me well now as CEO of a startup as I’ve been able to leverage our strengths, shore our weaknesses, and craft the story of Neureal as we begin to power the untapped potential of humans + machines.

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