We are thrilled to announce that Chain has been acquired by Lightyear, a Stellar-focused company formed last year with the support of the Stellar Development Foundation.

The Chain and Lightyear brands will be retired and the combined company will be re-named to Interstellar.

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Interstellar will create tools, products, and services to make it easier to use and build on Stellar, especially for enterprises and institutions. Chain’s CEO, Adam Ludwin, will be Interstellar’s CEO. Stellar founder Jed McCaleb will be Interstellar’s CTO.

The Stellar Development Foundation will remain independent and focused on technical oversight of the Stellar protocol, ecosystem grants, and engagement with the community. …

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Rangeproof protocol in a nutshell

Zero-knowledge range proofs are a key building block for confidential transaction systems, such as Confidential Transactions for Bitcoin, Chain’s Confidential Assets, and many other protocols. Range proofs allow a verifier to ensure that secret values, such as asset amounts, are nonnegative. This prevents a user from forging value by secretly using a negative amount. Since every transaction involves one or more range proofs, their efficiency, both in terms of proof size and verification time, is key to transaction performance.

A few months ago, Bünz, Bootle, Boneh, Poelstra, Wuille, and Maxwell published Bulletproofs, which dramatically improves proof performance both in terms of proof size and verification time. …

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Peter Todd’s SHA1 collision bounty, written in Ivy

Today, we’re delighted to release an open-source compiler and developer environment for writing Bitcoin smart contracts using Ivy, a smart contract language developed at Chain. Ivy helps you write custom, SegWit-compatible Bitcoin addresses that enforce arbitrary combinations of conditions supported by the Bitcoin protocol, including signature checks, hash commitments, and timelocks.

Ivy is designed to make it easy to manipulate value the way other programming languages let you manipulate data. …



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