Today we are proud to announce that we invested in Bumper from Indx Capital. After talking to the team behind Bumper and learning more about the technology, we realized the vast potential for growth and adoption in what is still a young space. …

Its been a while since we released a blog post. So while we’re working on the Phase 2 testnet we thought we’d send out an update on what we’ve been doing :)

First testnet

We are proud participants of the first Akash testnet. The first testnet already dates back to 2019. Winners…

The last few weeks we’ve been looking into Polkadot and Kusama. We are pretty late to the party but we are pretty enthusiastic about what we’ve seen so far!

Kusama is Polkadots test network with a twitch. It is going to run fully decentralized, so it won’t be restarted or…

Now that Wanchain staking has been possible for a few days its time for another post on some frequently asked questions and some more information on our fees.

Wanchain like most validation options offers a current and a max fee for validators. The max fee is as it sounds, a…

Wanchain staking is finally live! Although the rewards are still locked until September 3rd you can already delegate your Wan to us from today onwards.

There are two easy ways to delegate to our node, using the new light wallet and using mywanwallet.


To delegate using MyWanWallet first go to…

We’ve been Validators on the Terra network for a while now. We’ve always been enthusiastic about the value-centric way of rewarding Validators on Terra with rewards solely based on fees.

However even with all the recent successes of Terra it became clear that we needed something more than just the fees of the network. As it stood the rewards of the still young network were not enough to incentivise stakers to stake their Luna. This in turn caused returns for validators to be low which was a risk for security of the the network.

Together with the other validators we are proud to announce Project Santa! Please read all about it in below motivation!

ChainLayer is a Blockchain Infrastructure and Staking provider based in The Netherlands. We offer staking services as well as Chainlink Nodes to our customers.

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