Delegate to ChainLayer with Wanchain!
Aug 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Wanchain staking is finally live! Although the rewards are still locked until September 3rd you can already delegate your Wan to us from today onwards.

There are two easy ways to delegate to our node, using the new light wallet and using mywanwallet.


To delegate using MyWanWallet first go to or

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Select how you want to access your wallet

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Enter the amount you wish to stake (100 minimum) and wait until the Gas limit shows something other than -1. Then click Generate Transaction and Send (confirm on your Ledger or Trezor if needed).

Thats it! You are now staking! You can view your stake and rewards on

Light Wallet

The new light wallet works really simple. Follow the instructions on first time use to generate a passphrase. When thats done and you got your Wan in your wallet (or your ledger connected), go to the POS Galaxy menu on the left and click “New Delegation” on the right screen:

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Select ChainLayer from the menu and select the address you want to delegate from:

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Then click Next and send (after confirming on the ledger if needed). Done! You are staking Wan to ChainLayer!

Hope you enjoyed the read, if you want to know more about ChainLayer, visit our site ( and read our other articles. For more information on our Wanchain Validator setup read this post:

Follow us on Twitter: @Chainlayerio

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