Chainmonsters: Alpha ending soon!

The end of our alpha is approaching soon! Learn what that means for you and what is changing!

Multiplayer stress test recap

On 27th of January 2019 we held our biggest event so far — a stress test for our brand new multiplayer game mode!

It was an amazing experience and our Discord server exploded from people interacting with each other and trying to climb the leaderboards!

More than 500 games were played in 4 hours of testing(!)

That’s insane! We were able to collect very valuable data that helps us tweak algorithms, optimize gameplay and fix some smaller issues.

At the end of the testing, these 3 players were at the top of the leaderboard:

Place 3 and 4 very close!

Our servers were pretty stable and working without any major or minor issues.

Alpha ending soon

As some of you might have read in our Discord server already (, we are at the end of our Alpha cycle and will push the game into Beta soon!

First, one of the biggest upcoming changes is the removal of the Rewards program! At the moment you can still find it here (requires web3 browser) — The support is ending because the mentioned rewards and items will be claimed after entering Beta automatically. Meaning if you want any of those things, then you should hurry up!

Second, there will be one final progress reset at the start of Beta — players who played during alpha and those, who participated in our multiplayer stress test, will receive a free Goodie Bag that should give you a head start… By the way, you can still make yourself eligible for this Goodie Bag when you register at and then play the alpha version right now! It’s free, so why not give it a shot?

A Goodie Bag full of presents!

Now that we have successfully evaluated our new multiplayer focus, we will be able to approach the missing game-modes rather quickly.

What to expect from Beta

The beta is approaching and with it a totally new game experience. The overall game modes are divided into Singleplayer and Multiplayer content.



If you are new to the game or if you want to try out your monsters against an easier opponent then Practice is for you! Here you learn all basic mechanics of the game. This game mode also acts as a tutorial.


Beat all 8 gym leaders and rise to become the next world champion. Once you have beaten all leaders, you can become a gym leader yourself! Place your team into one or multiple gyms and earn rewards for every day you stand your ground!

Holding a gym leader spot can be very lucrative…

Dungeon Adventure

A dungeon is your main source of experience and items in Chainmonsters. But beware! Dungeons are always changing and no run is like the other. Treasures await you but also strange encounters and hard monsters will block your way. Luckily you will pickup special items and buffs on your journey that will make this game mode a completely unique and refreshing experience. You need a Raid Pass to enter. Your monsters receive experience and you collect rewards.

Secret other mode




The highly competetive game-mode for those who want to play on a competetive/e-sports level. All monsters are set to level 100 — so your team composition and ability sets with your skills determine the ultimative winner. This game mode can be connected to special events held regularly and has the possibility to offer real-cash-pools.


Battle against another online opponent and climb the world-wide leaderboards. Players are matched against each other based on current rank and experience. Monster levels are not scaled(!) — meaning your progress, team composition and ability sets will play an important role in defeating your enemies. Up to 50 coins can be earned through Ranked game mode each day.

Challenge Player

Friendly 1vs1 challenge between two players — no scaling, just for fun!

More details about each game mode will be revealed closer to Beta launch! To keep up to date with the latest news, please follow any of our social media channels

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