Chainmonsters: Announcing MMO World

The original vision has become a reality.

work-in-progress example area

Watch the teaser here:

I am so stoked that I can finally share this news with you guys!
The original vision of a fully immersive and handcrafted world of Chainmonsters, a massive multiplayer experience where you can explore the world with your friends, follow a storyline through quests and enter competitive play has now become a reality!
Beta launch connects all of our existing and previously independent game modes into one big experience!

Some early players might remember a game mode referred to as “Story Mode”.

Well, it did return but in an even better and stronger form than ever before!

This is just a little teaser since a fully fledged launch trailer is in the works…

If you are unsure which free Gen-0 starter you should choose or how to compare the monsters with each other, then please read our Ultimate Beta Guide:

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