ChainMonsters: Open Alpha on mobile released

Find out how to participate in our mobile alpha test

Mobile Alpha

We have successfully released our very first mobile version to Android and iOS which are available for testing. These versions can be tried out even if you do not have created an account yet — there is a demo waiting for you!

For the best experience we recommend creating your very own account through

How to participate

Just fill in this Google form and specify which version you’d like to try (or both)

Invitations will be sent out multiple times per day, the test is not limited so you can share this with all of your friends.

We will only use your email address to send out the invitations.

Testing Requirements

Testing on iOS requires you to install TestFlight

Once you are approved you can download the app through this link

Alpha overview

The first alpha release resembles the full web version including various fixes and improvements.

One big difference is that you can not send transactions right now that change the state on blockchain. Meaning all actions are currently handled by the client for this first test.

Adding your account is very easy. If you have been using Metamask on PC then you can click on “Show QR Code”

Alternatively services like Etherscan do have similar options to generate QR codes which can then be read by the camera. You can also just copy and paste your PUBLIC key into a textfield.

There are currently two slots available (the first is the demo-account), if you want to delete one of the accounts from your device then simply click on the red X.

There is a new news bar in-game that tells you about the newest updates and can give you event specific hints.

Please note that we are gathering anonymous data regarding the gameplay and statistics that help us build a better experience for you. The more you play and the more feedback you provide us with the better the game will be.

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