Chainmonsters: Public test event #2 and changes

As Beta approaches soon, we will have one final public test event.

New test event

The new test event will be this Sunday (10th of February) from 6pm till 10pm CET. Here is a timer

This test event will focus on the reworked battle system and Championship mode.

This game mode sets all monsters to level 100 so team composition and smart moves are key to victory!

Results of Test #1 and upcoming changes

In just about 4 hours there were more than 500 games played(!).

Battle changes

As a result of our testing, we drastically changed the main battle mechanic. Before, you were taking turns one after another which led to some unintended strategies involving letting your monster faint on purpose just to switch it out with a one-shot biggie to gain an advantage in battle. This was unintended and now things work differently:

  • Players choose their actions at the same time
  • Actions are abilities, item usage, and monster swap
  • Speed determines who starts first

The order of events is now like this:

  1. Battleground effects (e.g. Rainy weather)
  2. Monster effects (e.g. Intimidation)
  3. Player swaps monster
  4. Player uses item
  5. Player uses ability
  6. Debuff effects (e.g. Burn)

This allows more depth and strategy to the battles, you as a player have to estimate the opponent’s next action to gain an advantage.

More abilities

In the first test there were around 20 unique abilities in the game. Now we not only more than doubled that number to 50(!) — we also added more diversity to the monsters making them even more unique and different to each other. Based on our aggregated data we distributed abilities based on individual strengths and weaknesses of each monster so now your team can be even more optimized for all circumstances.


Introducing items inside and outside of battles.

Healing and buffs can be applied during battle
Rare Candy

Some items can be used to temporarily increase your monster’s stats including speed, attack, etc during battle. Using an item takes up your whole turn so be careful when to do so.

Others are permanent including for example Rare Candy (level up).

Items can be purchased directly from our new shop or found in chests that can drop all sorts of surprises…

Hint: Everyone who plays before Beta will receive a special Alpha Chest so make sure to register now through and download the game!

5 brand new monsters

Five new and exciting monsters have been discovered and are ready to jump into battle! These will be available on the marketplace on Friday!

We are excited for the new test event and will answer all of your questions in our Discord server before, during and after the event:

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