Chainmonsters Roadmap 2019/2020
Oct 7 · 2 min read

This post is being updated on a regular basis

This roadmap only covers the big milestones of development. The game continues to receive new game content on a regular basis.

DONE: MMORPG Servers 1.0 (Dec 2018-March 2019)

Our first MMORPG server infrastructure was developed with scale and complexity in mind especially in a world where everything you do is replicated on blockchain at some point.

DONE: Limited Public Test Phase (April/May 2019)

We had a great time during this open testing phase and the game accumulated a total of:

  • 1203 players
  • 492.643 matches
  • 260 days total playtime
  • 4254 caught Chainmons
  • 108 days of battle time

The feedback from you guys was amazing and really helped us shape and redefine our goals for the game! THANK YOU!

Steam Early Access (+ iOS/Android)

The game is expected to remain in Early Access for about 1 year. Read our FAQ here:

During Early Access, the game will be released in different waves. Each wave is limited in access, so at the start only a handful of players will be let into the game.

Explorer Phase (November 2019)

Our “Explorer” phase is limited for those super fans that participate in our Pre-Sale. (500 players)


Be one of the first to play the completely revamped Chainmonsters MMO and benefit from exclusive bonuses including a permanent experience boost!

Mobile Closed Access (November 2019)

Release of mobile versions for iOS and Android. Access is limited to existing players on Steam.

Discovery Phase (January 2020)

TBD: Funding for Game Studio complete, potentially letting new players into the game too.

Secret Blockchain Release (~ March 2020)

Expected to launch in March 2020, {blockchain} enables us to tokenize all game progress including items,cosmetics, Chainmons and more on-chain. Players can then turn their progress into profit when trading with other players for rare stuff.

The onboarding takes place in the background so yes, no matter if you are playing on PC, mobile or console — you will have access to your inventory and earn these rewards.

Steam Public Early Access Launch (~ March 2020)

The game will be officially launching on Steam Early Access for anyone to get into, this is the first time a huge traditional player base is being led into the game so we expect about 40% of the game content to be done by then.

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