Chainmonsters: Ultimate Beta Guide

All Beta game mechanics explained in detail

This is guide is updated on a regular basis.

Gen-0 Monsters

Distribution and rarity

There are 151 unique monsters in the game, some of which have not been revealed yet. Blockchain has limited the existence of Gen-0 monsters to 10.000 units in total.

The MonsterDex on the website

In order to distribute those among the 151 ones accordingly, there is only a limited amount of each available. Monsters that are considered “Legendary” or very late game monsters are — generally speaking — very few in existence. This fits with the concept of them being available in very late game areas of the game itself.

There are 3 legendary monsters at the moment and a fourth one will be released in the future:

Aetherian, Myotek and Dalenorious

Genesis Monster (Aetherian)

Aetherian is our genesis monster that occupies the #0 tokenID.

In order to make this monster truly special, there is only one in existence(!). It also has special effects and advantages compared to other Gen-0 monsters. It is deeply involved into the game’s storyline and the owner of it is frequently mentioned throughout quests and dialogues with NPCs.

Instead of being a standard ERC721 token, this monster has its own special smart contract that handles ownership of the underlying token. Meaning you can’t trade it away like any other token — you lock ETH in the smart contract until someone else overbids. Then you receive your full ETH plus half of the price difference in return.

Since release, the auction has increased from 1 ETH to 86 ETH.

You can find out more here:

Why Gen-0 matters

Gen-0 monsters are special — they are the only monsters that can be traded, bred and feature favourable stats. (All monsters created on blockchain are tradeable including Gen-0 offspring, which would be Gen-1)

Due to the MMO nature of the game, breeding needs to be restricted and having a limit of 10,000 Gen-0 monsters and using the unique mechanics of blockchain to our advantage, this allows us to enable breeding as an exclusive blockchain feature.

Breeding is not part of the game yet so further information will be released in the near future. Since monsters do not have a gender yet, players will be able to choose for each of their monsters once this feature rolls out.

Monster stats

As mentioned earlier, a monster is defined by a few key values:

  • Base stats
  • Monster types
  • IVs
  • and EVs
  • Types
  • (also Nature in the future)

Stats are divided into different properties including:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Special Attack
  • Special Defense
  • Speed

Base stats

These stats are hardcoded into the blockchain for each monster and differ from monster to monster. Same monsters share the exact same base stats, so all Pyragnaros’ (MonsterDex #6) have 78 in their HP Base stat.

IVs and EVs

IVs (“Individual Values”) and EVs (Effort Values) are added inside the game’s calculations to each stat. For each individual base stat, there is a bonus in IV and EV.

In this example, this particular monster has +26 in HP and +16 in Attack for IVs and +0 in EVs. There are no added EVs yet because EVs are generated by battling against other monsters.

You can say that the more IVs a monster has, the better it compares against monsters of the same type.

EVs can be increased by battling against other monsters and giving your monsters stims and boosts. Each individual stat bonus is limited to +200 though.


A monster usually has two different types that define how effective or ineffective certain attacks are.

The counters can be best described using the starter types

Basic rock, paper, scissors mechanic

There are 19 different types in total.


This is a brief overview how battles work in Chainmonsters.

Up to 6 monsters per team can participate in a battle.

A player can have a maximum of 6 monsters in their team. Teams are locked during battle. The first monster in the team starts the fight, but monsters can be swapped out with other teammonsters anytime.

There are 3 different types of battles:

  • Player vs Player
  • Player vs NPC
  • Player vs wild monsters

The battles are turn based but players choose their actions at the same time. The currently selected monster’s speed value defines which player attacks first if both decide to attack that is.

Each turn resolves in the following order:

  1. Trigger battleground effects
  2. Trigger buffs
  3. player changes monster
  4. player uses item
  5. monster attacks
  6. trigger debuff effects
In an example battle, both players choose their turns. Player A wants to attack with his water monster, so he chooses an ability which is effective against Player B’s current monster, which is of type fire.
But B recognizes the imminent danger and decides to switch to another monster, whose type is of grass.
Since both players have chosen their actions, the game now switches out B’s monster first and then the attack of A is triggered. This causes the attack to not be as effective against B as intended.

It is important to note that each action takes up a full turn, so choose carefully what to do next and try to gauge your opponents intention.

Once a monster is at 0 HP, it faints and the player has to select another one from his team. If no monsters are left, then the player is defeated.


There are several active and passive items in the game that influence gameplay.

Items can have temporary or permanent effects.

Permanent effects include a boost to a monster’s EVs and bagpack upgrades that allow you to carry more stuff while on your journey.

There are also certain temporary effects including for example experience boosts for faster levelling or a stim that increases your monster’s stat for the duration of the current battle.

In game currency

There is an in-game currency available which is used to purchase upgrades, extensions and conveniences to help you in the world.

These coins can be acquired through rewards or bought directly through In-App-Purchases (iOS + Android) and blockchain.

You can earn up to 50 coins per day by battling against other players. NPCs and Gym battles also grant a limited amount of coins that should last through the Story mode.


The game drops rewards at several occasions. Special chests, like the Alpha Chest, are rewarded for certain actions or events in-game.

For all Alpha participants, a special Alpha Chest will be granted if you have participated in at least one match before Beta launch. To be eligible, just download the game and either head into Practice mode or challenge another player.

A reward chest can include several items

Blockchain integration

The game uses blockchain for tracking of ownership of Gen-0 monsters and traditional game servers for a fluid, fast and scalable 3D world. Apart from claiming your free starter monster, you technically can play the game without sending any further transactions.

Apart from ownership, the blockchain also saves the base stats of each monster, completely transparent and visible for anyone. These stats play a huge part in how monsters perform in battle and in game calculations.

All game contracts can be found on Etherscan using this icon on the website.

To be continued…

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