Chainmonsters Update 0.6 preview and public Raid!
Apr 12 · 3 min read

Learn more about all the exciting new features coming to Chainmonsters!

Here is a brief overview of the changes and additions:

  • Account creation does not require Gas anymore
  • Cross-chain gameplay with TRON
  • Public Raids
  • Community based localization and translation

This update is expected to be released early next week!

Once the update is live, a full changelog will be posted

No-gas account creation

We have removed the requirement to create an account on-chain, meaning all you need to do is to sign a message using e.g. Metamask on ETH and e.g. TronLink on TRON to login. You can then choose your starter directly in-game.

This is the first part of our new on-boarding process — a little later we will be able to create accounts without blockchain interaction at all. (And making converting into on-chain even easier as well!)

Cross-chain gameplay

As announced before we are launching the TRON version simultaneously once this update goes live and you will then be able to play using either of those blockchains!

A monster can only exist once, so you have to decide on which chain you’d like to mint a specific monster.

All players are connected in one big world so feel free to invite your friends ;)

Public Raids

Our first public raid is on its way and features Aetherian, a mysterious and powerful creature, that arrived on earth inside a meteor and challenges the whole community to an epic battle.

Every player is asked to join and bring him down before he unloads too much energy!

It does not matter if you have just selected your starter or if you are a seasoned player already, everyone can and should take on this challenge.

Aetherian has a massive shared and global health pool that gets deducted every time someone damages him. Every battle you do with him will reflect the current health state and provides a unique challenge.

Every player that participates in this event will receive a special reward after he has been taken down!

The event lasts up to one week (or until he has been defeated)

There is also a special surprise… Aetherian exists as a token outside of the game — specifically token number #0 — the first ChainMonster ever created.

This token is currently owned by one particular player which we got in touch with…

This player got the opportunity to design some parts of the event dialogues and appearance of the character!

As some might remember from Alpha, Aetherian has always played an important role in the game’s story. And this won’t be the only time you will encounter that creature nor the owner!

Keep in mind that Aetherian is part of a “hot potato” auction available at where players can overbid the owner to gain control of this truly unique monster. They then gain access to tools that enable them to change the game’s appearance to their liking!

Raids will play an important role in the world of ChainMonsters. Sometimes during exploration there will be special occasions where small bosses will pop up and nearby players can participate to take them down for awesome loot!

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