Chainmonsters: Website Updates

Our website got updated in preparations for Beta launch!

In preparations for our BETA launch very soon we have updated our website ( and launched our brand new API!

Monster Details

Now you receive more information when looking through monsters and see their current level, their IVs and EVs, and more!

Also, we completely revamped the marketplace!

Now you get a list of all available monsters and by clicking on one of them you can filter them to see all current offers of that monster type.


But that’s not all! There is also a brand new MONSTERDEX on the website which you can use to checkout all monsters currently in the game and to search for more in depth information about them.

Coming soon

The Monsterdex functionality will be upgraded later this week and also the In-game leaderboards will be released on the website as well!

Thanks to our new API we can now display all kinds of metadata and in-game information alongside blockchain data simultaeneously! 
This API is currently being tested but will be made available for public use (e.g. Third-Party marketplaces) very soon!

If you need access, please send an email to to request your API key

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