First public raid is here!
Apr 17 · 2 min read

The wait is over! Assemble your team and participate in the world’s biggest public raid and earn prizes!

The challenge will start here!

Aetherian has landed and brings a unique challenge to the world. Assemble your team, gather your friends and try to defeat him together!

Each encounter uses his current global health pool and every battle matters!

Each time you battle against him you’ll be rewarded with 10 Coins that are granted as a bonus! So each day you can now earn up to 100 coins just by playing!

We are partnering with some Dlive streamers to get this event covered throughout the week! Stay tuned and watch out for Stream announcements in our Discord and on Twitter! We will be giving away some in-game gift boxes and also one Gen-0 Chainmonster at the end of this event!

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