Chain of Alliance: New Beta Update

3 min readJul 3, 2024


Hi, Allies!

Welcome to the latest Chain of Alliance build! This build focuses on UI quality of life improvements and balance changes to our skill system.We have also added the first iteration of our UI audio system.

Please note that this build requires a data wipe! We’ll always try our best to avoid it, even in a Beta phase, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case this time as we had to upgrade to the latest Chromia FT4 version. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Play the latest Beta:

You can also access this build via Chromia QuestNet. By playing and completing tasks, you will be able to win a share of the 100K $CHR reward pool. Read through our previous article here to learn more.

Here are the detailed patch notes:

  • Initial UI Audio has been added

Please report any strange/unexpected behavior on our discord

  • Shard cost has been added to engraving

We added a shard cost to engraving. The goal is that we want those perfect items to be hard to come by, but please report issues with costs but don’t forget to sell items you do not think you will be needing!

Major issues fixed:

  • Game crash has been resolved when clicking on the battle button before heroes have loaded in
  • Game crash during boon selection has been fixed
  • Issue with opening character sheets during combat has been resolved
  • Memory leaks have been addressed (could potentially cause crashes/performance degradation in long game sessions)

Combat improvements/fixes:

  • Two handed weapon stats have been normalized so they are twice that of 1-handed weapons
  • Damage forecasting has been improved
  • Assassin spike bomb animation has been sped up
  • Initiative bar now has all hero combinations added
  • Victory animations have been added
  • Skills have been balanced

General UI Fixes:

  • Double weapon bug has been resolved
  • Skill tooltips have been added while summoning your hero
  • Missing boon icons have been added
  • Boon descriptions have been updated
  • Graphical issue when engraving multiples of the same rune has been resolved
  • Party and Item owner info has been added to the respective info screens
  • Tooltips have been added for crafting and item power
  • Scroll speed of drop down menus has been improved
  • Some minor UI fixes to item lists(item weight added, item names added to cards)

Known issues:

  • When you use up a recipe (i.e. a dropped recipe) it is not immediately removed from your inventory. This means you can attempt to craft it again, but nothing will happen. This issue is resolved by pressing F5 to refresh the recipe list (and game.)
  • There is a rare crash that occurs randomly during combat, you will need to hit F5 to reload the game
  • Some skills have incorrect descriptions

Hope you enjoy the latest update to Chain of Alliance, Allies! If you still have any questions or wish to provide feedback, the best way is via our Discord server!

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Chain of Alliance is a turn-based, party-builder RPG multiverse designed for frictionless web3 integration and pure ownership of in-game assets.