Chain of Alliance Alpha 3.0: Assassin Class

4 min readOct 19, 2023

Hello, Allies!

Another Alpha stage is behind us, and the beginning of a new one has come! This Alpha 3.0, we have several exciting updates to share with you. One of the highlights is the Assassin Class, which will bring new possibilities for party creation.

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Additionally, we will be introducing other features. Let’s dive into them.

Assassin Class

The Assassin is designed as a squishy class with high DPS and focuses more on dodging attacks than absorbing them. What sets this class apart from others is its unique ability to mark opponents. To mark an opponent, you use a skill that applies a marking on your selected target.

As an added benefit, Assassins gain extra effects on their skills when they are used on a marked opponent. For example, the Flurry skill grants an additional attack when used against a marked opponent.

This class excels at focusing on a single target, The preferred weapons for Assassins are daggers, so avoid equipping them with two-handed swords and so on, as they are too cumbersome.


A new race has been added to the Chain of Alliance, specifically designed with the intention of creating Assassins — the Shadeborns! They are dark, mysterious, and, above all, highly effective. Among them, the most skilled Assassins are born. However, their great mobility and precision make them versatile for other classes.

Daily Quests

With the new update, we made changes not only to your possible party setups but also to your daily goals. Previously in Chain of Alliance, the only thing that mattered was winning. Now, with the addition of new daily quests, you need to consider not only your results but also your style. On the newly designed quest page, you will find tasks to accomplish.

Quests Logic:

  • Every six hours, you will receive a new quest.
  • You can have up to four active quests at the same time.
  • After completing a quest, you will earn one point for the Easy quest and two for the Hard one on your weekly track.
  • At the end of each week, you will receive rewards based on your quest progress.
  • You have an option to reroll one quest each day. Keep in mind that you will always reroll a quest of the same difficulty level.

This is a great opportunity for you to not only explore game and strategy elements more but also to acquire additional rewards every week! Furthermore completing quests will as well reward you with experience points for your account.

Game Optimization

One of the updates we are particularly happy about is the game optimization. We have put in extensive effort on the backend to enhance game quality. First loading still may take a moment, but regular players should experience a huge difference. With these backend updates, we will be able to work more swiftly on new features, delivering the best possible quality for you!

Note: As with all other web games, there may be a need to clear your cache if the game doesn’t work properly, especially after new updates. So, if you encounter any issues with the new build, the first step is to SAVE YOUR PRIVATE KEY! After that, refresh your browser’s cache by pressing CTRL + F5.

Get a free Assassin blessing!

To provide you with a proper opportunity to experience the new class, we will launch a dedicated Battle Rank season that will last only 3 days following the update! Rewards are dedicated to the Assassin class. Be prepared to fight for them as time is ticking!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Introduced a star icon for preferred weapons (More information can be found here). You can now see them in recipes and in character details on the character screen.
  • Added an alpha build disclaimer in the main menu. Hence data may be wiped at any point
  • Implemented a critical strike indicator in combat.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the initial music volume, which is now set to 50%.
  • Made visual updates to various arenas, including some adjustments to arena terrains, glowing lava effects, and emissive bloom to the lanterns.
  • Enhanced text entries, layout, and color improvements to enhance readability.
  • Continued with further optimizations and fixes in special effects (FX).
  • Added tooltips specifying the unlock level for not-yet-unlocked abilities.
  • Introduced multiple new animations to enhance gameplay dynamics, such as for taunt, ignore pain, berserk, enrage, immolate, firestorm, hard hit, sand toss, hail of arrows, and piercing arrow abilities.
  • Corrected the bard skill enraged effect over time.
  • Added animation curves for bow bend to provide a more immersive and authentic archery experience in-game.

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