Simon’s Blog #1 — A Project Update From Our Co-Founder

3 min readJan 16, 2024

Hey Allies!

I’m Simon Sorgenfrei, one of the co-founders here at Chain of Alliance. A turn-based, party-builder RPG multiverse, currently in Alpha phase.

If you’ve been following our roadmap, you know that 2024 holds some major milestones for us. As we didn’t share a lot of news last year, but worked hard in the background, we’ve decided to provide regular updates about the project in a bi-weekly blog from me, starting this week!

In Chain of Alliance, my role is ever-evolving. I handle a bit of everything, but primarily focus on the magic happening behind the scenes — the backend. It’s like the wizardry that makes your in-game actions seamless, from casting arrows to ensuring your hard-earned NFT rewards land in the right hands (yours!).

Beyond the lines of code, I’m in constant collaboration with our team, discussing processes, workflow, and the hurdles we face. Right now, our sights are set on Alpha 4.0, a crucial step towards the beta later this year.

I’m very excited to share more details about Chain of Alliance with you, and for my first blog, I would like to talk a bit more about what we’re currently working hard on: a combat rework.

We believe that the foundation of the game needs to be strong before implementing more features. That’s why we’ve decided to put in extra effort and attention into the combat to ensure it’s to everyone’s liking.

We plan to release an update next month, allowing you to experience these changes. Please stay tuned on our channels for more information!

We’re working on a Codex — a guide to understanding game-specific terms like “Invigorate” or the difference between “protection” and “defense”.

That’s not all! Right now, we’re also redesigning the User Interface. Our goal is to make it more intuitive and visually appealing. At the end of last year, a skilled UI/UX developer joined our team, and we’re currently in the prototyping phase. We hope to roll it out in the next update, and it’s designed to grow with the game.

It’s still a work in progress, but I wanted to give you a first look at our new (and not yet final) UI screen, as I’m very excited about this. Let us know what you think!

We’re happy the game runs fast once you’re in, but the initial connection experience? It’s not as smooth as we want. Therefore, we’re working on optimizations, tweaking the code to make it more user-friendly for first-timers.

It’s an ongoing and continuous effort towards a better user experience. And right now, we’re working hard to be ready for the beta.

Starting next week, our Art Lead, Szymon Niewolski will introduce his bi-weekly update, where we will be showing the updates from our art team. This way we can give you a regular detailed update on what the art team is working on.

Thank you for your support and attention, and please follow our channels to not miss out on my next blog!



P.S You can leave questions for me on Discord!

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Chain of Alliance is a turn-based, party-builder RPG multiverse designed for frictionless web3 integration and pure ownership of in-game assets.