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A Whitepaper (WP) is essentially a persuasive and in-depth report based on a specific topic, presenting a particular problem and providing a solution.

The first Whitepapers were published in Britain in the 20th century. Originally they were legislative documents explaining governmental proposals for new policies. The structure was the following: the explanation of a problem, the proposal, and the expected results.

Today Whitepapers are becoming more and more common in the business world. They are created to enlighten the audience about an issue or explain and promote a particular project. …

The purpose of SmartChain is to transform the world of business. And to accomplish this goal, we need your generous opinion which is vitally important to boosting the development of our project. With your involvement, we will be able to spread the word about us around the world!

Please help us with your feedback as it really makes a difference. Please visit so that we can improve ourselves. Thank you!

To determine a worthy ICO, you always need to understand that ICOs are considered high-reward but also high-risk investment ventures; therefore it’s required to consider some very important aspects before investing. Let’s look into the main keys to pay attention to.

✅ First of all, ask yourself: Does the project need to be done on Blockchain? Is it really necessary to create a new cryptocurrency for its work? If there’s a real need to do everything on Blockchain and it hasn’t been started solely for the purpose to stay on trend, then this idea is definitely worth reviewing.

✅ Find out as much information as you can about the team. Is the team approachable? It means that they answer questions in a timely manner and are taking feedback and giving updates on progress in all details. …


Global infrastructure for easy Blockchain implementation into your business

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