Over the past two years, we built, launched and operated ChainRift in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. Our team is composed of software developers, UX designers, and technologists. We have tried to bridge the gap that exists in our team on business development by onboarding partners, but despite our best efforts, we haven’t managed to secure partnerships that would propel ChainRift to profitability.

In light of this, we are spinning out our software development team from ChainRift into a new company focused on building software services only. …

A couple of months ago, Chainrift EOS was selected for the EOS Voter Bounty (EVB) for random standby testing. Regardless of the fact that Chainrift EOS isn’t a paid producer (vote requirements for paid position raised, and the votes from EVB proxies were reduced), we completed the contracts and are presenting them to the community for testing.

What is complete

  • list of already tested paid standby Block Producers (sBP) with a configurable (mainnet suggested 4h) refresh rate. After all, sBPs have been tested, the list is renewed.
  • rotation to 21 spots, every configurable (mainnet suggested 4h). …

The MimbleWimble protocol was released in 2016 on IRC channel #bitcoin-wizards by pseudonymous Tom Elvis Jedusor. The paper proposed a new way to combine and store transactions to improve the privacy and scalability of a blockchain.

ChainRift’s number one priority is securing your funds and private information. This article will outline some additional steps that we strongly recommend you personally take in order to help us protect your account from unauthorized access and other fraudulent activity.

With massive misinformation being fed to everybody in the cryptosphere, trust remains the single most important issue for users. In accordance, our experienced development team is constantly monitoring and improving the infrastructure to minimize and eliminate potential attack vectors. …

It’s been 10 years since Bitcoin came out - and since then we’ve been witnessing an explosion of new “money” projects, each competing and experimenting with different value propositions. Some focus on privacy, some on transparency, others aim for decentralization, on-chain governance, scalability, sustainability etc. Each blockchain design choice comes with its own set of trade-offs.

This plethora of ventures can seem confusing and hard to keep up with. But from the dawn of history to modern times, the concept and role of “money” have been constantly evolving with the needs and conditions of users. …

Grin is an implementation of the Mimblewimble protocol that was first announced in October 2016, two months following the release of the original Mimblewimble whitepaper.

Start trading here!

Key features:

  • Privacy by default: no addresses or amounts are shown
  • Scalable through Mimblewimble: past transaction data is purged without compromising security
  • No ICO. No premine. 100% community funded
  • Pseudonymous development team
  • Leverages Dandelion relay to provide additional anonymity

GRIN deposit/withdraw process

Instructional video for various deposit methods

Deposit method #1: HTTP

We’re proud to announce that ChainRift is ready to open up BEAM trading in the next few days.

Register on the ChainRift trading platform and get verified ahead of time for a streamlined trading experience as soon as the trading opens.

You can get the latest news on the exact BEAM listing date via our community Telegram channel or on Twitter.

What is BEAM?

BEAM is the first cryptocurrency to implement the Mimblewimble protocol. The key value proposition behind BEAM is to offer a confidential & scalable store of value with opt-in auditability.

Key features:

  • Full control over privacy: The user decides which information will…

Here at ChainRift, we’re pleased to announce that digital asset trading is now open to a handful of more US States! This comes on the back of significant behind the scenes work and we’re proud to continue in our vision of making the most accessible digital asset exchange.

From today, residents of the following states are permitted to trade on our platform:

• Arkansas
• Iowa
• Kentucky
• Michigan
• Mississippi
• Nebraska
• Ohio

These states are added to our list of permitted states.

Once you’ve had a read of our Terms and Conditions and signed up, head…

After months of ongoing collaboration with the Telos Foundation, the network launch is finally growing imminent, and with it, the trading of TLOS. As announced previously by the Foundation, ChainRift will be the first exchange to list TLOS trading pairs.

Launch Date

The next Go/No Go vote will happen on December, 6 at 17:00 UTC. In the meantime, testing of the main net is still being finalized, with the preliminary block producers sticking to their intentions of avoiding a premature launch. Users can easily track development progress on the Telos Launch Checklist.

In the meantime, Telos users can already create their ChainRift…

Welcome, sister!

November 15, 2018 - ChainRift is committed to bringing value to the cryptocurrency ecosystem by contributing to promising projects wherever we can. We are pleased to announce our involvement with the like-minded team at Worbli, a sister chain of the EOS mainnet, and delighted to become the very first exchange to list WBI (Worbli token).

What is a sister chain?

A sister chain is a blockchain that uses the EOSIO software but has its own native token used for resource allocation. A couple of EOS sister chains are either live, in beta testing, or currently being built. Worbli is one of them. …


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