Leading Blockchain Firm Chainsulting Sees Accelerated Expansion in the Tea Leaves

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Leading Blockchain Developer Releases Market Predictions for 2020

Back in 2008, a revolutionary new type of money called Bitcoin back burst onto the scene. Alternately hailed as the coming of a new world order and just another technology fad, Bitcoin has seen it’s fortunes wax and wane over the intervening years. Yet while Bitcoin itself remains volatile, the technology underlying the cryptocurrency known as blockchain has experienced steadily increasing levels of interest and investment since its introduction. And blockchain solutions now are much more than cryptocurrencies.

For those unfamiliar, blockchain is what’s known as a distributed ledger. At it’s core, it’s a complete record of all the changes of a given thing. In terms of Bitcoin, the blockchain aspect tracks transaction details over the life of the unit. What makes it interesting, and sets it apart from anything before it, is that this record is cryptographically protected and recorded across multiple data stores. Transactions histories cannot be retroactively altered, and the complete history is validated across multiple points via peer-to-peer networking. …



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