How can Oracles improve delivery services

With development of global business ties and online shopping, delivery plays an increasingly more important role in everyday life. Business correspondence or an order on the internet can be equally important for the recipient, while the company’s reputation depends on the fast and reliable service.

If something goes wrong and the item is misplaced or delivery is delayed, it can be difficult to find out which step went wrong. The client cannot be 100% certain that a company is not trying to cover its tracks and giving full information regarding the whole process. The company relies on its employees and has to take into account the possibility of a human error. All in all, currently there is no secure way to verify the data within a delivery company.

A solution for this could be an independent third party that would confirm that each stage of a delivery actually took place. ChainThis can become such a party and serve as an impartial mediator during the whole process. Operating through Oracles and sending data to blockchain, we don’t rely on systems that can be easily meddled with or corrupted.

How it works:

  1. The Sender initiates a delivery
  2. Data about every stage of delivery process is logged and sent to blockchain via an Oracle
  3. The Recipient signs the confirmation (for example, a QR code) with a private key
How Oracles for delivery services work

This way the company can provide the only 100% reliable delivery log that excludes any possibility of fraud or tampering. Both the client and the company supervisor can obtain this information from the blockchain any time or track each step of the delivery in real time.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of incorporating Oracles into your business’s delivery process, do not hesitate to contact us.