ChainX First Japan Node Ambassador Announcement!

Sep 2 · 3 min read

ChainX is launching the plan to recruit Node Ambassadors to spread the value of ChainX to every corner of the world. After the careful screening and assessment, the Japan Node Ambassador goes to Nakamoto!

The following is a brief interview of the Nakamoto!

1 How and when did you learn about ChainX?

I am a trader at Hotbit and I listened to Kristen Shen’s talking at AMA HOTIBT, ChainX is a pioneering project that uses the PoS consensus mechanism in the cryptocurrency mining model. … From there, allow them to issue cryptocurrencies on the chain.

2. Why did you choose ChainX and what factors were the basis of your decision to become ChainX Node Ambassador?

What I like most about the project is that the team and mom Kristen Shen the project doesn’t have an ICO and anything that lies to the community and the highly trusting Japanese people, this money can make a profit from mining. ,with cooperation from Polkadot, ChainX Wallet, good security of property, very low transfer fee and especially Japanese people love Staking and I think this will bring them interest.

3. What is the block Chain environment of your nation? (Investors, governments, policies, etc.)

We have a lot of investors, mostly traders on the exchange who will surf whenever on the train,;the enthusiasm is their job, they exploit a lot;students, learn born, officials all know about blockchain.

4. How will you carry out the work of Ambassador Node?

I will build a Japanese community to help gather people who are interested in the project into the group, and those who are interested will come here.

5. What kind of support do you need from the PolkaX team?

There will be community events … for detail, I will talk with the team

6. As a node, it takes a lot of time. How much would you like to devote to ChainX?

I work at a company that uses a PC most of which I will devote anytime, anywhere, support people and create interesting conversations

7. What are your expectations for ChainX?

I hope I will reach 5,000 members in a few months; I will focus on promoting and working hard

ChainX node ambassadors will contribute to the system voluntarily and spread the value.

ChainX aims to become a digital asset gateway, breaking the barriers between different assets. It has successfully integrated all BTC light nodes to enable easy chain-crossings, which makes it the world’s first smart contract wasm platform that is capable of automatic light node chain-crossing. At present, the inter-chain BTC transfer time is just 2s with ignorable service fee as low as few cents, catapulting it to the fame as the fastest project out of all BTC expansion projects. More importantly it has been implemented.

In the foreseeable future ChainX will connect with Polka Ecosystem, gain access to Libra, bridge different enterprise chains and become part of the central bank’s digital currency plan.

With such a magnificent future unfolding in front of you and beckoning you to participate, would not it be worth trying? for more detail please check :

About Chain X

ChainX is a parachain on Polkadot focusing on interchain crypto asset management

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