The Truth about Teens and Privacy
The Backchannel Team

Hi Danah!

Media & privacy are very provocative topics. The issue of parent-child fights over a notion of private space is not new indeed, especially nowadays, with a bazillion different media platforms, where kids are allowed to do anything «anonymously» as long as they put ‘18’ at the age section.

Although your point of view is clear, there are two sides to every story. Everything that raises adult’s concerns is often desired by teenagers as a way to rebel and exercise the right to do something outside their ‘circle of allowance’. Kind of a way of saying that if you reject something, it does not mean that I have to do so as well.

Teenagers do seek privacy all the time, however the ways media suggests for that are not always the safe ones. Media is a powerful psychological tool yet not many teenagers understand its whole value. Latest film “Unfriended” ends with a phrase «On the Internet, your sins live forever». It demonstrates surprisingly well how lack of understanding and perhaps education about media and perception of its content, can lead to cyber bullying amongst teenagers, which ultimately leads to the increased suicide rates — all because someone has uploaded something truly private on YouTube.

Norms around privacy has changed — and therefore we have to adjust & educate those who are more vulnerable about the fact that nude snaps are leaking, videos are shared and home addresses are often exposed to those whose aim is to harm.

All in all, thanks for your insight!

Chainy Team